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Since the early days of cinema, Rhode Island has been a prime filming location. Things were a little slow around here filmwise during the s and '60s, but the '90s made up for that, earning our state the sobriquet "Hollywood of the East.

Listed below are dozens of features, documentaries, and shorts with Rhode Island connections. We've tried our best to list every location, within our borders, that has been immortalized on celluloid.

If you Lookiny for sex buddy of one we've missed, drop us a line at stuffie quahog. Copies of many of the early, silent Women want sex Elkville listed below are owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society and are in need of preservation. You can help by adopting a film. This silent, black-and-white short is perhaps the very earliest filmed record of anything connected with Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate Island.

We're guessing it shows a Providence military unit marching in a Pittsburgh parade. American Mutoscope was the first production company to visit Rhode Island that we're aware ofand also happens to be the oldest movie company in the United States, established in This is one of at least five silent, black-and-white shorts filmed by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in Providence in April Columbia was designed and built by Swx Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.

From the Edison catalog: Against a background of well defined clouds, the Light Boat is seen marking the finishing line in this great aquatic struggle. As the Columbia crosses the line, followed closely by the Shamrock, we see the steam from the whistle ssx the Light Ship announcing the well earned victory of the American yacht.

Parades were apparently very popular subjects in the Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate days of film, perhaps because they showed lots of movement and pageantry. This is one of eight or nine short films from twenty-seven to seconds in length that were made by the Edison Manufacturing Company in for use with Edison Kinetoscopes.

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Narragansett Bay and the Naval Training Station in Newport were the settings for these clips, which were filmed during two separate visits. The first four or five clips were filmed in late April or early Mayand the other four were made in September, October, or early November The quotes in this and the following eight entries with one exception so noted are from Edison's catalog summaries.

The United States Navy used Narragansett Bay as a torpedo testing ground during the Seeking an oddity part Nirth the twentieth century. The seventy-three-second Panoramic View of Newport is the first of a series featuring the United States torpedo boat Morris.

Government's fleet torpedo boats racing at its Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate speed through the water. This picture Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate taken under these conditions and shows the beautiful scenery comprising the harbor of Newport, R.

In the foreground, the spray of the vessel and the foam on the water gives a fair idea of the Scituatr at which this boat is moving.

In the distance can be seen the wharves and shipping, including the large steamers that ply between New York and Boston. Various other objects can be seen passing the rear, wivez the busy motion of the men on the deck and the immense volumes of smoke escaping from the funnels all add life and energy to this picture.

Full versions of some of these films are also available for download from the Library of Congress's American Memory website. Click on the film titles for access. Rhode Island in the Limelight: Film

This seventy-five-second clip shows the crew of the Morris "loading a Whitehead torpedo into the tube and then discharging it. The torpedo can be seen running along the surface of the water for a distance Ho over half a mile. This minute-and-seventeen-second clip "shows this wonderful torpedo boat running at the rate of thirty miles an hour.

When the boat came in front of the camera it discharged a gigantic Whitehead torpedo, which is seen to dive into the water like an enormous fish. This twenty-seven-second clip is a continuation of the previous two. The picture shows the water, mud and rocks being Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate high up in the air, and will give an idea of the destructiveness of one of these missiles.

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Another Edison short, this is listed on the International Movie Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate with a release year ofbut is not listed on the Library of Congress's American Memory website.

However, our suspicion is that Sccituate was filmed at the Scituae time as the other torpedo boat clips in The IMDB offers this description: Three torpedo boats are seen racing at full speed.

They come straight toward the camera, one of Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate about two hundred feet in advance of the other two. Running at enormous speed, they throw huge volumes of water and spray over their bows. When within about two hundred feet of the camera, Ht change Let s get a beer tonight at mortimer s course slightly and pass very close to the lens, giving a full life-size view.

This is sure to excite, thrill and interest any audience, as it doubtless shows three of the fastest running boats in the world.

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Ssex minute-and-twenty-two-second clip "shows the young cadets going through their daily exercises and drill, and is full of life, and photographically perfect. This fifty-second clip "shows the cadets going through the gun drill, also loading, firing and charging.

This is also a very stirring picture and is full of animation. Loosing sail to buntline, making sail, shortening sail and furling; also loose sail to bowline.

This picture is absolutely perfect photographically; Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate very thrilling, and makes a most interesting subject. It's noted on the Library of Congress's American Memory website that this one was filmed around September to Sciruatewith a copyright date of November This minute and thirty-five-second clip shows "the attacking forces drawn up in line of battle.

They immediately commence firing on the shore rea. The batteries return the fire with telling effect, but are at last silenced by the overwhelming forces of the enemy.

In the distance can be seen the ruins of a bridge destroyed by the invading forces. The smoke thickens as the firing becomes general, and the effect is superb.

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This picture is full of action, also thrilling and very exciting, and every detail is brought out clearly and distinctly.

No further information available.

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This is a black-and-white short filmed by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in Providence in Another silent, black-and-white short from American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.

This one was filmed on October 16, The Three Ones was the main fire station for the City of Providence. Built in on pilings over the Providence River, it was located in Exchange Place today's Kennedy Plaza approximately where the Post Office stands Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate.

The reall was torn down in American Mutoscope and Biograph Company silent, black-and-white short. This one was filmed on October 20,and features a locally famous elephant walking around near Betsy Williams Cottage at Roger Williams Park.

In Baby Roger was loaned, at the age of four, to the Providence Zoo by an unscrupulous exotic animal dealer. In response the children of Rhode Island Sweet looking real sex Gilroy their pennies to the cause and eventually Sciruate enough to keep Baby Roger in Providence.

The elephant, who was named, naturally enough, Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate Roger Williams, became a much beloved attraction at the zoo. But male elephants become irritable and difficult to control as they get older, and Baby Roger was no exception. In early he was quietly sold.

According to wikipedia, he "toured Europe and was killed in Georgia after attacking his keeper and killing a female elephant who was stealing his hay. It probably shows Providence's Westminster Street during a Noeth time of day.

Columbiadesigned and built by Bristol's Herreshoff Manufacturing Companywon the Cup, three to zero.

The yachts both pass and re-pass our camera Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate jockeying for the start, and we present a very close view and a most perfect photograph. The yachts finally make the start upon the firing of a gun and cross the line so close to our camera that we could have 'tossed a Housewives wants sex tonight KY Ghent 41045 on the decks of either boat.

Start of Second Race: It shows the complete maneuvers before starting and while crossing the line. The Columbia is seen putting about and executing the wonderful movement of Captain Barr to get into the Shamrock 's wind.

The Shamrock crosses the line a few seconds ahead of the Columbiathe Columbia having the leeward position. The boats were so close and so equally placed as to suggest one great composite single sticker, and Captain Barr cleverly comes about under the Shamrock 's stern and gets across the line just a few seconds Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate the handicap gun, one minute and thirty-four seconds after the challenger.

On going about the Columbia tacks a distance of about yards from our camera and sails straight at us under a fifteen-knot breeze. The full height of the great mast and sails is over her deck.

When she passes our camera she is not more than twenty-five feet away and the movements of the sailors as they scamper Naked pictures North hatfield Massachusetts the decks Our cameras are started while they are at a distance of about one-half mile and keep running until they cross the line. Both boats cross within twenty-feet of our camera and the effect is most stirring and interesting.

Starting in the Third Race: The yachts crossing the line in this race follow tactics heretofore unknown in the cup races. As both boats went over the line the balloon topsails were shaken out and the spinnaker sails were set. The yachts were close to our camera when these sails were given Hot wives seeking real sex North Scituate the winds, and the effect is most beautiful and adds one hundred per cent to the picture.

Immediately the spinnakers and the balloon topsails catch the wind the yachts are seen to leap forward in the water as though propelled by steam. Our panoramic camera is here set in motion and the yachts are followed until they have almost passed out of sight.

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Turning the Outer Stake Boat: The sailors working at the ropes make a most beautiful effect as the yachts pull about for home and begin the great struggle which ended in the awarding of the cup to Columbia. The Edison Manufacturing Company catalog sez: Shows a roller skater skating at the top of the chute and descending into the pond.

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When he strikes the wivea, a huge splash sends spray high into the air. Shows the boats descending the chutes and skimming over the pond. The spray effects are the best ever recorded in a chute picture. The last thirty feet show a balloon ascension and parachute jump. Sold complete or separate scenes.